Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully:

Social Media Terms and Conditions

Rendall & Rittner reserves all rights relating to the company's social media channels, including but not limited to: (i) adding, removing, or modifying any content, (ii) blocking disruptive users; and (iii) discontinuing any of our social media channels at any time.

Rendall & Rittner reserves the right to block any user that fails to follow these Terms of Use. Examples of inappropriate messages include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Defamatory, malicious, obscene, intimidating, discriminatory, harassing or threatening comments;
  • Swearing;
  • Activity that violates any law or regulation; this includes libel;
  • Spam directed at Rendall & Rittner or any of Rendall & Rittner’s Followers, including any form of automatically generated content or repeatedly posting the same content;
  • Content which is deemed to be misleading;
  • Any potential infringement upon any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, brand names, trade names, logos, copyrights or trade secrets of any person, business or place;
  • Content which is deemed to be off-topic or that has been created to disrupt the purposes of the channel or its Followers;
  • Content posted by fake or anonymous users.

Our social media channels are open to complaints or suggestions about individual issues and sales queries. To protect your privacy when sharing personal information such as phone numbers and addresses please use the Direct Message feature on Twitter. Comments may be forwarded to other Rendall & Rittner departments and personnel to ensure appropriate follow-up.

All Terms and Conditions of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and Google+ apply, respectively.

If you wish to contact us on a medium other than social media please contact our customer service on CustomerFeedback@rendallandrittner.co.uk

Terms and Conditions for E-Communications

By selecting paperless delivery, you agree to the following terms and conditions: -

  1. You are willing to accept service by either:
    1. Delivery of documents to your account within the Rendall & Rittner Online system, together with email notification that a new document is available; or
    2. email, at the email address registered on the Rendall & Rittner Online system (as updated from time to time),

of all notices, demands, accounts packs, or other documents which we, or your landlord, management company, right to manage company, or appointed Manager (collectively, “Our Client”), wish or are required to serve on you (either under the terms of your lease, or by statute or the common law), in connection with the payment and/or recovery of rent (including ground rent) and/or service charges, service charge budgets and accounts, qualifying works, and the general management and maintenance of the development.


  1. You will not seek to take any issue (whether in any legal proceedings or otherwise) regarding the service of any such documents by this method of service.


  1. You agree that service by this method of service shall be sufficiently evidenced by proof of sending or uploading, without the need for proof of receipt and irrespective of any automated message which may be received in response to sending, and valid service will be deemed to have occurred on the date and at the time that the email referred to in either paragraph 1(a) or 1(b) is sent.


  1. You understand that we and Our Client are only willing to serve such documents by this method of service (rather than by any different form of service prescribed in your lease, or by statute or the common law) on condition that you are willing to accept service by this method and agree not to take issue with service by this method.


  1. You agree that we and Our Client may continue to use this method of service unless and until you update your preferences.

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