We provide tailored property development management solutions for listed national developers and private housebuilders.

From small, luxury residential developments to large-scale mixed-use projects we can assist you to create long-term value.

We manage many of the UK’s most prestigious new housing developments ensuring they are operated and maintained as efficiently as possible.

We are highly committed to sustainability and health and safety enabling us to meet your requirements and align with your values, and ensure we are regulatory compliant.

To enhance social value we offer community engagement services and our unique Residents Club.

Property Management for Developers – Rendall and Rittner

How we help developers

Our strategic approach covers everything from compliance and operations, to the intricate daily management of a building or sustainable new community.  We are the most highly accredited and acclaimed company in our sector and we are regulated by the RICS. We also safeguard the wellbeing of residents, giving you peace of mind that everything is taken care of, including your reputation!

We go beyond typical property development management services, adding value through our enhanced personal service that includes a dedicated Property Manager and lead Director involvement on every development. 


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