Back to the floor – Claire Day cleans Battersea Reach

Claire Day

In a series of Back to the Floor blogs, directors and the senior management team at Rendall & Rittner tell all about what it is like working with front line staff. The initiative enables staff and management to work closer together ensuring Rendall & Rittner delivers high-quality customer service and an exemplary professional practice.

Rendall & Rittner’s Head of HR, Claire Day, visited Battersea Reach to work with the cleaners and estate operatives.

“Our onsite staff at Battersea Reach are really professional. You may think that I would say that however, my time spent on the floor with the team was really engaging. It was great to see that everyone loves their role and are very close to one another.

The day started with the weekly team meeting where key events of the coming week were discussed and the good, the bad and the ugly from the previous week reflected upon; a great chance to celebrate successes and ask for your colleague’s assistance in overcoming obstacles.

The cleaners spoke of particular residents with fondness and know many by name, which is a great touch. As I walked the site with the estate operatives, many people waved and had polite exchanges.

The estates operatives’ responsibility is to ensure the grounds are kept neat and well maintained on a day-to-day basis. Some of the work they carry out includes cleaning services, gardening maintenance and overseeing of contractors.

The team here really do work together; giving each other tips on best practice solutions and to ensure there’s a great working environment. Everyone has respect for their team leaders and each other, they take pride in their work and see themselves as one big team.

It was great to see initiatives from head office such as Life Works; the app where the site staff thank each other for jobs well done, and the employee assistance programme, working on site, they really do make a difference.”


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