How to get the most out of your apprenticeship

Apprentice 2019

Rendall & Rittner has one of the leading apprentice schemes in the property management sector, with 21 apprentices in the company at present. To tie in with National Apprenticeship Week, two of our current apprentices Kellan Elkins and Liam Barratt discuss the benefits of doing an apprenticeship and give their tips for others considering one.

Kellan says:

In school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but doing an apprenticeship gives you the chance to try out a career and earn while learning. It was the ideal way to discover what type of job I wanted to do while gaining hands-on experience and practical skills, as well as avoiding the student debts I would have accumulated at university. It also puts you straight into the professional world, so you get a level of respect from your colleagues and you are treated like an adult in a way that you wouldn’t be in full-time education.

If a company has an established apprenticeship scheme they are likely to value the contribution that their apprentices make, as well as investing in other aspects of career development. Rendall & Rittner really focuses on its people and a large proportion of the apprentices continue their career in the company once they have finished their training. I’m made to feel just like any employee and there is plenty of room for progression.

In my role, no two days are the same but I love that it is varied and busy. I think I have good interpersonal skills and this job involves working with many different people including residents, colleagues and contractors. It is definitely worth choosing an apprenticeship where you can develop your strengths and interests. If you aren’t sure what you want to do, think about all the different types of roles available within a company – I’m undertaking the housing and property management apprenticeship but Rendall & Rittner also has apprentices working in areas including accountancy, insurance and IT.

Liam says:

It can be so hard for young people to find a way into a job or to even know what is out there. I didn’t know where to turn so I am very fortunate that I came across Catch 22 when I was searching online. They are the training provider that has been partnering with Rendall & Rittner for the past two years to run the housing and property management apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are usually run via a training provider and you can search for these online via the government’s apprenticeship website.

Choosing an apprenticeship does not come at the expense of getting a formal qualification – you will still come out with a professional qualification. The training we are doing takes 18 months and will lead to a Level 3 diploma and IRPM membership. We get together with Catch 22 once a month for a whole day of training, and beyond that, we fit in our training modules around our day to day tasks. Being part of a group of apprentices training together provides a great support network and friendship, which really helps.

As an apprentice, you have to be prepared to step up to the mark and actually do the job. There is a lot thrown at you in this role – my tasks often include dealing with issues and problem solving, so I have to think on my feet, which is a great, real-world experience. I would recommend choosing an apprenticeship to any school leaver and I definitely think there should be more of these opportunities available to young people. I would be keen to stay on with Rendall & Rittner after the apprenticeship if I can.


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