Rendall & Rittner join London’s ‘War On Plastic’

Thames 21 Litter Pick Image

Rendall & Rittner recently joined charity Thames 21’s initiative to clean up London’s rivers. Two half-day litter picks have been completed at two locations close to Rendall & Rittner’s developments in Kidbrooke and Battersea.

At Rendall & Rittner we are constantly developing our sustainability activities to ensure that they reflect both the government and public concerns. A large proportion of our managed properties in London either line the River Thames or are adjacent to waterways. With plastic pollution continuing to dominate news headlines across the globe, we are committed to assisting with the clean-up of London’s rivers and their foreshores.

To kick start this commitment we partnered with the world’s first green electricity company, Ecotricity and charity Thames 21 to host two half-day litter picks near to our London developments in Kidbrooke and Battersea. Thames 21 works with communities to improve rivers and canals for people and wildlife. Each year they remove approximately 250 tonnes of rubbish from the River Thames foreshore and the tributaries that feed it.

The vast amounts and varieties of waste products that litter London’s waterways pose threats to the wildlife who live in, above and around them. On Friday 12th and Thursday 20th July, 35 of our employees joined in to remove roughly 25 bags of litter including plastic bottles, which break up into small pieces and are then ingested by animals; can holders, which can become tangled around an animal; and plastic bags which are known to suffocate wildlife.

The first day took place at Sutcliffe Park within our Kidbrooke village development, working on the non-tidal river to clear as much rubbish as possible. This was followed by the event on the Thames foreshore in the vicinity of our Battersea developments.

Director, Catherine Riva took part in both litter picks: “It was great to see staff working together and having fun in teams outside of the office environment. The Thames 21 team were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic”.

When asked what was the weirdest piece of litter the team found: “a kid’s scooter, a mop and a toilet brush!”

What’s your advice to anyone thinking about litter picking: “it’s a dirty but fun job. I would recommend wearing wellies”.


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