Rendall & Rittner's Residents Club helps to build communities

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The Residents Club is a complimentary, on-going initiative developed by Rendall & Rittner that offers a range of deals from nearby businesses and services, as well as selected events and experiences to residents in buildings managed by Rendall & Rittner.

We sat down with the club at its latest trip to see ‘A Comedy About a Bank Robbery’ at The Criterion Theatre, London and discussed why they like living in a Rendall & Rittner managed property.

How did you hear about The Residents’ Club?

Esther Sanchez comments: “It was so long ago, I have been coming to these events for years! I remember receiving an email from Gill at Rendall & Rittner explaining the new initiative and thought it was a great idea. The club is fantastic and Gill is great at organising absolutely brilliant events for us to attend.”

Hourfar Tourmadj adds: “I always see The Residents’ Club emails detailing the deals, offers and events available and one day just decided to give it a go, and I have never looked back!”

What do you like about the events at The Residents’ Club?

Hourfar also adds: “We live in one of the properties managed by Rendall & Rittner and we are so happy that we made the decision to live here. The Residents’ Club is so unique and we really love that it brings the community together.”

Would you recommend The Resident’s Club to friends?

“Yes absolutely! I have recommended many of my friends to the Resident’s Club and now they all come with me to each event I go to!” comments Tanguy Fautre.

Esther adds: “100%! It is amazing to meet new people and have the opportunity to get to know your neighbours. It is a lovely way to build and bring together the community around you.”

What do you like about living in a Rendall & Rittner building?

Sarah discusses this: “The location of our building is just amazing, my tenants can easily get to work and everything is really accessible, with shops, bars and restaurants nearby.”

Tanguy Fautre also comments:“The Resident’s Club is a fantastic incentive and is truly unique to living in a Rendall & Rittner building. Rendall & Rittner really make their residents feel at home and understand the importance of community and knowing your neighbours.”

“We have lived in a Rendall & Rittner managed building for over five years and we don’t have one bad thing to say about the housing and customer care. We are so glad we chose to live where we are, with the added bonus of The Resident’s Club.” Esther remarks. 

At Rendall & Rittner, we aspire to provide the best possible customer service and to stand out from other property management agencies, by offering initiatives like The Residents’ Club.

To find out more about The Residents’ Club, please visit here


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