Why we value being a member of ARMA

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Managing a block of flats is not dissimilar to managing a business, it requires specific skills and knowledge as well as a commitment to the client and the tenants.  This responsibility should not be taken lightly, both time and a professional approach are required to manage and maintain a building.

At ARMA we are the professional body that sets the standards for residential block management in England and Wales, supporting the importance of a well-managed home. We promote the highest standards for leasehold management and professionalism through advice, training and guidance.

Ensuring that our members fulfil their obligations on safety is of paramount importance to us, achieving this through regulation and compliance.

A core value at ARMA is our passion to deliver outstanding customer service and quick response times to our clients. It is the ARMA member status that serves to drive up the standards of our managing agents; ensuring the very highest levels of professionalism and experience.

So why choose an accredited ARMA member to look after your building:

Experience & Best Practice

  • They have the professional experience: each of our members have at least two years' residential management experience
  • Your agent is committed to best practice: all ARMA agents comply with the RICS Service Charge Residential Management Code. This defines best practice in the sector
  • Has Professional Indemnity Insurance: this covers you against inadequate advice and negligence relating to a member
  • Have thorough knowledge of relevant Landlord and Tenant legislation
  • Help you understand your rights and obligations.

Customer Service

  • Our members are committed to delivering good customer service
  • Each one operates an independent complaints procedure
  • All ARMA members must belong to an independent redress scheme. What's more, ARMA members are the only managing agents to be independently regulated.


  • Able to provide full accounting facilities for budgeting, service charge and year-end accounting and give you access to them
  • Service charge money is held legally and safely: all our members must demonstrate they hold service charge monies in trust as required by law and ensure that service charge money is spent wisely
  • Open about connections with other service providers and commissions.

We are pleased to say that Rendall & Rittner has been an acredited ARMA member for more than 20 years; delivering outstanding management to clients and lessees across the 80,000 units they manage across the UK.

To find out more about ARMA and what we do, visit our website: https://arma.org.uk/


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