Back to the floor with founder Duncan Rendall

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Earlier this summer, I spent a day going back to the floor at Riverside Quarter in Wandsworth, where we manage a selection of luxury apartments overlooking the River Thames. Here, I gained a snapshot of what it’s like to work as part of a Rendall & Rittner Concierge team and work to deliver high-quality customer service on-site.

I already had enormous confidence in our estate operations staff and my experience at Riverside Quarter has confirmed how hard they work. During my visit I was able to witness how busy the front desks are with deliveries throughout the day, and this really highlighted how critical concierge services are in terms of influencing the customer experiences of residents and visitors.

When I first arrived, it was clear how well everyone there worked together. The relationship between the colleagues I met seemed very positive, and the team meeting that was going on was evidently a regular occurrence.

The engagement of the staff on site was excellent. Their hardworking nature and adherence to health and safety protocol meant that I did not see anything that caused me concern as I walked around the Estate. It was clear that there is a lot going on right now, and with COVID restrictions and some areas of the estate only recently being handed over, there was a sense of uncertainty. Although this was causing a lot of work, I was impressed by the resilience and commitment of the team.

Whilst it was great to see how well everything is going at Riverside Quarter, this visit was also an excellent opportunity to find areas that we can work to improve in the future. Some members of staff demonstrated a keen interest in having more regular training opportunities and refresher courses.  

I really enjoyed my BTTF experience at Riverside Quarter, meeting new people and hearing from them about their day to day experience. The concierge team were all energised and committed, which was great to see.

Posted: 26 July 2021

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