Celebrating World Habitat Day

Habitat Day

Now more than ever, our planet needs looking after. With many of us having relied so heavily on the great outdoors over the past year, it is time to question the wellbeing of our world. Since 1986, people across the world have united to celebrate World Habitat Day, to address the problems of rapid urbanisation and its impact on the environment and human poverty. With this year’s event taking place on the 4th October, we are being asked to look outwards, and focus on what we can do to secure a safer future.

Here at Rendall & Rittner, to support this day of environmental appreciation and preservation, we want to highlight how we are consistently pursuing a healthier, more helpful approach throughout our Property Management services. Our commitment to the cause is prevalent in our Woodberry Down site. This hidden gem of stunning parks and reservoirs is located in Hackney, East London, and is one of the largest regeneration projects in the UK. This development between Finsbury Park and Manor House will be phased over 20 years, and will be designed to provide a mix of 4,500+ homes. 

Dedicated to creating a sustainable community, we carry out environmentally friendly endeavours to ensure our site is a conscientious and considerate workplace that benefits both residents and freeholders.

Covering an area of 11 hectares, the Woodberry Wetlands is a dedicated nature reserve and home to a variety of wildlife. Species that can be found here include great crested grebe, common tern, reed bunting, emperor dragonfly, speckled wood butterfly along with different types of bat. To date 50 bird and bat boxes have been incorporated into the landscaping and Swift bricks have been integrated into the façade of some homes which provide important resting spaces for this migratory bird. 

As is the case with the majority of our sites, at Woodberry Down we use eco-friendly cleaning products, and ensure that recycling is held high on our priority list. Our passion for the environment is proudly demonstrated through our procurement of services and supplies from companies that are committed to sustainability.  

Our environment is important to us at Rendall & Rittner, and we hope that you join us this World Habitat Day, as we promote a better, healthier world for us all.  

Posted: 04 October 2021

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