Managing retirement living developments


The demand for housing for older people is growing and will continue to do so due to our ageing population. As a result, there is a real opportunity to grow our retirement living portfolio.

We currently manage over 1,600 units for senior living, and we are actively seeking to acquire more management instructions in this sector. We have come to understand very well that a different approach is required when it comes to managing retirement properties compared to general residential property management. An approach that requires sensitivity, consideration and a high degree of personal communication. And it is this focus on personal customer service that plays to Rendall & Rittner’s strengths.

Our retirement portfolio is spread nationwide but with an emphasis on some of the coastal locations that are favoured retirement spots. The main point of difference between these properties and most of our other developments is that all residents are owner-occupiers. As the leaseholders are all living on site, they are more involved and therefore direct communication is incredibly important.

Most of these developments have a part-time or full-time House Manager and a residents’ lounge along with other shared facilities where residents tend to socialise together. The Property Manager will sit down with residents every month for a leaseholders meeting. This proactive approach to communicating with residents ensures any issues are quickly discussed and dealt with.

All staff that work on our retirement living portfolio receive specialised training focusing on the specifics of the sector. But underpinning it all is a commitment to good service and communication that runs across the whole Rendall & Rittner business.

Posted: 08 February 2022 by Jonathan Astle, Divisional Director

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