Matt Kirk’s back to the floor experience at Leftbank in Manchester

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I recently went Back to the Floor at our Leftbank development in Manchester where I spent the day as a caretaker/cleaner. I found the experience of spending a day on-site incredibly rewarding, and learnt a lot about the work the team carry out daily.

When I arrived at Leftbank, the professionalism and dedication of the team was immediately evident. Everyone was very well organised and their clear record keeping was evident. The quality of work being completed was exceptional, and the team took responsibility for getting things done efficiently.

Our property management service includes a wide variety of daily tasks. Working alongside Victor and Claude, I took part in site patrols checking every floor for maintenance issues, performing fire safety checks and assessing the refuse bins for damage. The pair demonstrated outstanding team work as they collected the bins and audited them for any damage.

I also watched how the team interacted with residents at Leftbank, who were greeted with smiles and conversation. As our cleaners and caretakers are often visible to residents, I was pleased to see the team were approachable and polite. The residents that I spoke to were very positive and the team described how residents had been particularly grateful of the work carried out during the pandemic.

One of the best parts of the day was having the chance to talk to the team about their jobs. It was clear that everyone worked well together and were committed to doing the best job possible for both the development and Rendall & Rittner.

Having worked with the building management team at Leftbank for many years now, it came as no surprise to me that their work ethic and performance is impressive.  I had a very insightful day in Manchester, and would like to thank the team for being so welcoming.

Posted: 14 February 2022 by Matt Kirk, Divisional Director

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