We maintain Five Star Health and Safety standards and ISO 45001

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We are pleased to announce that we have retained the British Safety Council’s highest accreditation, the Five Star award, for the third year in a row. During our latest audit, we were awarded a score of 97.82%, exceeding the score we achieved last year. We are also thrilled to report that we have retained our ISO 45001 accreditation.

The British Safety Council audit measured our performance against a number of key safety management indicators and is considered the most detailed and objective evaluation of health and safety standards available. The ISO 45001 accreditation is an international standard, which alongside the BSC’s Five Star Award creates a framework aimed at the continual improvement of occupational health and safety performance.

In the BSC audit report of our performance, we were praised for our commitment to delivering the highest standards and health safety management: “The company have set a high benchmark for themselves during previous audits and have again managed to improve their performance against last year’s result. The auditor was impressed by the commitment across all sites visited and it was clear that the H&S Team has an excellent relationship with senior, middle and site-based management personnel.”

In 2013, the Audit specification was revised to additionally include performance measurements in two further safety management indicators (Continuous Improvement and Leadership). The revised audit places a greater emphasis on the organisation’s approach to occupational health, employee wellbeing, safety culture, allocation of resources to health and safety and planning for change. We understand the importance of employee wellbeing and are therefore delighted to have received comment on this within the audit report: “The company has striven to promote wellbeing, both physical and mental health wellbeing and provides well-resourced and structured support systems.”

Speaking about the success, Sue Petri, Director at Rendall & Rittner said: “At Rendall & Rittner we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety in order to protect the wellbeing and safety of our employees, residents, lessees and clients. The British Safety Council’s audit provides external and independent assessment of our dedication and improvement, and we are delighted to see that our score has increased over the past year thanks to the hard work of all our staff.”

Posted: 07 January 2022

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