Enhancing our expertise with new senior appointments and promotions

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At Rendall & Rittner, we are always looking for opportunities to improve and enhance the service we offer. We understand that our team is instrumental in helping us to achieve this and have therefore made a number of recent new senior appointments and promotions. 

These new team members are technically knowledgeable people who have strong experience in the property and development sector including within property and estate management, enabling them to have a holistic understanding of our client’s needs.

Meet some of the newest additions to our senior team:

Jo Watson, Head of New Business

We are delighted that Jo has also recently returned to Rendall & Rittner to take up the position of Head of New Business. She has rejoined from the Canary Wharf Group where she established the company’s residential property arm. As Head of Residential and then Operations Director, Jo was responsible for overseeing the set-up and management of more than 5,000 new homes, as well as the management strategy for the extensive mixed-use estate. Jo was previously an Area Director at Rendall & Rittner.

Jo will be using her extensive experience of both property management and development to seek new clients and developments for our expanding portfolio. As we broaden further our relationships within the industry, Jo will be looking to foster new business opportunities and promote the R&R brand in new markets.

John Osborn, Business Development Manager

As well as our new appointments, we have also looked to acknowledge the strength of the existing team through some well-deserved promotions. One example is the recent promotion of John Osborn from Property Team Manager in one of our London divisions to Business Development Manager. John has over 20 years’ experience of managing a broad range of residential properties.

Richard Daver, Group CEO at Rendall & Rittner, comments: “As we continue in our commitment to being the leading property management agent in the country, we must build upon the strength and knowledge of our people. Our latest appointments reflect this ambition, and we look forward to working with Clare, Jo and John to benefit from their extensive knowledge and skillset within both development and property management to understand how we can improve our service to our clients and customers.”

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