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The Building Safety Act is probably the widest reaching piece of legislation to affect the residential sector in decades, focused on improving safety and giving residents peace of mind. But it is a complex and evolving area with new changes still coming in that affect building owners and property managers.

The Building Safety Act introduces many new rules and duties for the management of fire and building safety, and these will vary depending on the height of your building/s, with the greater number of measures in place for high-rise buildings, over 18m or seven storeys.

In residential property, especially those people with new responsibilities and duties, needs an understanding of what the Act, and its associated legislation and regulations, covers and where action is needed to meet the requirements. That’s why we’ve created a new series of user-friendly factsheets to help our clients stay informed on everything they need to know about the Building Safety Act.

The eight bite-sized factsheets cover all key aspects of the legislation with topics including:

  • building registration
  • building safety case
  • building safety Director
  • fire doors
  • Residents engagement strategy
  • The golden thread of information
  • The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022
  • The Accountable Person & Principal Accountable Person

You can view the factsheets here

We also recently held a client broadcast on building safety and the implications of the new legislation and regulations with guests including Ark Workplace Risk, which you can watch again here.

We will continue to keep you up to date all aspects of building safety as things develop.

Updated 18.05.2023 - adding in our eighth fact sheet on the Accountable Person & Principal Accountable Person


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