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Having first been recognised for our approach to sustainability in 2010, we have remained fully committed to developing responsible business practices and managing more sustainable developments. Whilst establishing our new vision, mission, values, and ten strategic priorities in 2023, we have ensured that sustainability will continue to be at the forefront of our focus as we develop and grow over the years ahead.

Driven by our culture of continuous improvement, our regular client surveys help us identify the next positive steps we should take in various aspects of operations, including in our sustainable practices. Our sustainability solutions are rigorously assessed for their long-term abilities to positively support client commitments whilst also delivering savings for residents across our portfolio.

Reflecting on our progress over the past year, we have continued to evolve and expand our activities as we seek to reduce the impact of our work on the planet. We have used our resources to engage with local communities, fostering economic, social, and environmental wellbeing, and have delivered a range of initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to achieving sustainable solutions. These initiatives and the impacts of our actions include:


1.      Working with sustainable suppliers

  • We work with green energy suppliers including Ecotricity to deliver 100% renewable energy to developments across our portfolio at zero extra cost. In 2023, this saved 12,766 tonnes of CO2e.
  • Last year we saved an estimated 19.11 tonnes of CO2e through our use of Delphis Eco’s plant-based cleaning products.


2.      Harnessing the power of technology

  • In 2023, our e-communications initiative reduced paper consumption by 700,000 sheets. We have been encouraging customers to sign-up through the promotion of our new Tree Pledge via the Tree Council, which will enable 1,050 trees to be planted over the next three years. During a previous pledge, 3,621 trees were planted as a result of residents registering for our e-communications.
  • We have extended PowerBI reporting to clients in order to reduce energy consumption.


3.      Reducing commutes and promoting sustainable travel

  • Our flexible and agile working arrangements for our c.600 head office staff not only support a greater work-life balance, but have also reduced the number of daily commutes to an office by around 90%.
  • We are promoting public transport and local businesses through scheme portals and our Residents Club.


4.      Promoting recycling within our offices and developments

  • We support and mark several key awareness days throughout the year including Global Recycling Day, Recycle Week, and World Environment Day.
  • We have run a range of recycling initiatives including clothing and abandoned bike collections, to webinars and workshops with local authorities.
  • Last year, residents across our portfolio donated 35,756kg of unwanted clothes through White Rose collection banks, raising around £196,659 and resulting in the offsetting of 128,723kg of CO2 emissions.
  • In 2023, our employee volunteers undertook 6 days of litter picks and beach cleans across the country, supporting the communities we operate in.
  • As part of our Head Office reconfiguration in 2023, we redistributed redundant furniture to schools via Waste to Wonder.


5.      Supporting the invaluable work of charities

  • Through charitable giving initiatives in 2023, we raised £81,218. This included donating £50,000 to Ukrainian Action for the purchase of six vehicles and raising £28,498 via our people and suppliers to support their convoys, and providing 15 laptops to them.
  • Every year, we support the Christmas toy appeal for Great Ormond Street Hospital. In 2023, we were able to collect and deliver around £9,000 of gifts from residents.


6.      Establishing communities

  • Our comprehensive programme of events helps bring residents together and develop thriving communities at developments across our portfolio. In 2023, 58 events were held with over 1,800 residents attending. More than £27,000 was raised through sponsorship. 

We look forward to continuing to make strong progress in our sustainability initiatives throughout this year.


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