Rendall and Rittner’s Recycling Week 2020

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Its Recycling Week, and here at Rendall & Rittner we’re introducing several schemes to help reduce our carbon footprint. Each year, we strive to become even more sustainable and eco-friendly by inspiring our employees and residents to recycle in a variety of innovative ways by introducing new initiatives across our buildings.

Read on to discover the schemes we will be promoting during this year’s National Recycling Week.



For the last six years, we have been using Delphis Eco products to clean our developments. Delphis Eco is a plant-based cleaning solution to help with reducing your environmental impact, and is also great for every aspect of your home.  This week, we partner up with Delphis Eco with two fantastic bundles available to buy from Delphis with a great discount. For more information, visit our Residents Club.



This year, we are helping to support Battersea Power Station and Wandsworth council in their ‘Power to Connect’ initiative campaign where their main aim is to tackle digital poverty. So far, we have donated 15 laptops and 17 monitor screens from our head office to help those who cannot afford a computer. If you would like to help get involved, or if you have a computer or tablet that can be re-furbished to help, we are encouraging London residents to donate what they can. Visit their website to find out more, or fill out this form and arrange a collection.



For the 3rd year in a row, we have teamed up with Laundry Republic and White Rose, encouraging our residents to clear out their clothes and donate any unwanted items and accessories. A large number of buildings across our portfolio are participating and information is available from the concierge/ building management team.

All proceeds from your donations will go to Scope and AEGIS Trust. This is a great opportunity to recycle your clothes and reduce waste in landfills.

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Once again Laundry Republic is supporting us during Recycling Week and continuing their excellent charity work with Scope, an amazing charity which provides support and advice to more than a quarter of a million disabled people and their families every year. It strives to offer equal opportunities for disabled people around the country.

We have been encouraging residents to use the Laundry Republic scheme to recycle and raise money for Scope, as well as helping keep tonnes of rubbish out of landfill.  Pre-Covid, around £2,000 per month worth of donations were sold through Scope shops, with approximately 70% of donated from our residents. Understandably, donations during and after lockdown were very low, however we are delighted that donations are growing rapidly again.



To encourage the younger generation to get involved with recycling we have introduced the ‘Recycled Materials Arts Competition’ again, following last year’s huge success.

Designed to raise awareness and increase the importance of recycling, the competition challenges entrants to show initiative and create something from recycled and reused materials. For example, you could use an unwanted book to be made into a decorative item, or use an old wine bottle into a pretty lamp. We want to see how creative you can be with items in your home you no longer need.

To enter, email your name, age, development and a high-resolution photo of your entry to before Wednesday 30th September.




We have developed partnerships throughout the country to help recycle used bikes, for example, Recycle your Cycle. This is an initiative run in partnership with the HM Prison Service, who provide workshops across the country, helping others learn how to restore bikes that are no longer needed. Once the bikes are restored back to their former glory, they are then given back to the local community. Last year, 43 bikes were recycled and we would love to beat that number this year. Recycle Your Cycle has raised over £200,000 for various charities across the UK since starting up in 2015 and continues to grow.

For more information and to get involved, please Contact your Estate Management Team.




We are proud to be continuing our partnership with Ecotricity, Britain’s greenest energy provider, who produce renewable green electricity using power from the wind, the sun, the sea and Green Gasmills. In partnering with Ecotricity we are ensuring that the electricity provided to our developments is as eco-friendly as possible, whilst also providing a reliable and economical service to our residents and customers. So far, we have managed to save 23,889 metric tons of cO2 per year through our partnership.




In support of the national battery recycling campaign, we are providing free battery collection boxes across a selection of developments to help make battery disposal simple and easy for our residents. We are confident that Recycling Week will raise awareness on the importance of recycling batteries.

Please contact your building management team for further details.



To help reduce our carbon footprint, we aiming to cut down the amount we have to print annually by over 75%, which will provide a CO2 saving equivalent to saving 45 trees, 13,000 glasses of water and turning off 2,000 lightbulbs for an hour a day!

We have already introduced a paperless communication system across many of our properties and launched a feature through our online portal allowing residents to safely access documents electronically. With documents available at any time, customers will also receive an email alert when there is new correspondence.


At Rendall & Rittner, we constantly strive to ensure that we are actively encouraging recycling as well as always finding new ways to make recycling more accessible to our residents. We are delighted to be encouraging many of our residents to recycle and reuse materials, and also hope to strengthen our relationships within our communities.


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