Rendall & Rittner step up to support Recycling Week


During Recycling Week, (20th-27th September) we set out to help clean up the UK with a series of litter picks, beach cleans, and wet wipe pick-ups. Rolling up our sleeves, we joined the rebellion against abandoned refuse and undertook a challenging yet rewarding mission to contribute to a great cause. In a bid to rally a movement in combating the climate crisis, the theme for this year’s recycle week was ‘Step It Up’. Here at Rendall & Rittner, we did just that.

Starting on Brighton beach, armed with good intentions, bin liners and gloves – we embarked on a mission to clear up the pebbled promenade. Many people love spending time at the beach, but not everyone returns the love by clearing up after themselves. Alarmingly, figures from The Brighton and Hove City Council website suggests that 300,000 kg of litter was dumped during a three-month period over the summer.

Our journey began here on the 20th September, and our first day proved to be an eye-opening experience. Disposable barbecues, bottles, takeaway boxes as well as a variety of other seaside eyesores were removed in a relentless pursuit of providing a much nicer atmosphere for the sun hungry seaside visitors. Our time spent in the South-East was a desperately needed activity that supports our environmentally friendly endeavours.

Next on our litter picking hit list, was Battersea Bridge. On this dedicated two-day wet wipe wipeout, we were alarmed at just how many we accumulated. A staggering 27,100 wipes were collected on the 22nd and 23rd of September, and when you weigh up the fact that these convenient cloths can take up to a century to break down – it makes the situation even more dire. Battersea Bridge has been a stalwart of the River Thames since the 16th century. Our team took great pride in giving this iconic landmark a much-needed tidying up.

Continuing our committed cause during Recycling Week, we then headed up North for another litter pick, this time around one of our schemes under management - One Park West in Liverpool. Launched in 2007, and designed by renowned Argentinian architect Cesar Pelli, this 17-storey building contains 326 apartments as well as offices, restaurants and cafés.

Sweeping the area with a dedicated disposal team, it was clear to see why Liverpool is held in such high regard by both residents and visitors. The former European City of Culture was successfully restored with a meticulous removal of man-made clutter. So much was achieved in our short stay here, and we were happy to contribute in the clean-up of this charmingly cosmopolitan city. Such a multi cultured, vibrant area deserves to be well maintained, and after our environment cleansing exercise – the efforts reflected the impressive Liverpudlian landscape.

On 25th September, we sponsored a litter pick in the local area surrounding Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, which aimed to clean up this beautiful London neighbourhood, packed with historic buildings and riverside views. The satisfaction of a job well done was paired with local appreciation, and everyone involved seemed to achieve a great sense of pride in joining together for a great cause.

By the end of Recycling Week, we had really seen the impact that our litter picks were having in transforming the surrounding environments. As a result, we have continued our litter picks with the hope of benefitting even more spaces. On 12th October, a team cleaned litter around Snow Hill Wharf in Birmingham, and on the 13th October, 10 members of Rendall & Rittner staff headed to Shore Road Beach in Poole for a beach clean. Litter picking is a fantastic way to support the environment, and we will be continuing in our efforts to do more in the future.  

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Rendall and Rittner step up to support recycling week

Posted: 13 October 2021

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