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Sue Petri (1)

My back-to-the-floor experience took me to Wimbledon Hill Park earlier this summer and it provided me with a great opportunity to see how members of our organisation go about their roles and routines within Rendall and Rittner.

Having previously spent time with site staff I know the vital role that they play and how professional they are when they go about their daily tasks, I saw further examples of this on my BTTF experience.

During my day on site I assisted several members of the team as they went about their duties, the first of which was assisting Estate Operative, Mark, in cleaning out the Acro drains. The weather was lovely which certainly helped, and it was great to be able to have an informal chat with him and understand his role in more detail.

I had the opportunity to see the Berkeley Homes snagging app in action and also the key and parcel management system, which I hadn't seen before. Marzena, a concierge, is very thorough in checking that parcels have been delivered to the correct home, and where she sees any left in lobbies, she picks them up and takes them to residents in person. This illustrates to me that the team are extremely customer focused.  One suggestion I did have though, is that it would be good practise when repairs are identified but parts are awaited, that we post onto R&R online to let owners know that we are working on the repair. 

It was good to see robust routines around checking off the lift lines which is key for health and safety, and in general a great awareness of what was going on around the site.  A contractor had left a couple of ladders lying around and, in each case, these were secured and the partner notified. 

Overall, I felt that the staff were extremely engaged, but perhaps feeling a little stretched which is due to a new phase coming on line. However, this hasn’t impacted the quality of service that the staff are providing, they displayed high standards in quality in the way that Wimbledon Hill Park is presented, a really good awareness of safety around the scheme and they all went about their roles with great Integrity.

I really enjoy spending time and speaking with colleagues who are at the coal face. It is a great reminder of why we do what we do and I think it’s easy to lose sight of this sometimes.

Posted: 20 July 2021

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