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As part of our ongoing back to the floor initiative, three members of the Rendall & Rittner team have recently spent a day working as a member of the Concierge team at developments across our London portfolio. We spoke to Paul Denton, Andy Soteriou and Gemma Riley about their experiences.

Where did you spend your back to the floor day?

PD: Nine Albert Embankment which is positioned right in the heart of Central London, with views across the River Thames.

AS: Point West in London.

GR: Clarendon Court in Kew.

What was your favourite part of the day?

PD: My favourite part of the day was being able to interact face to face with on-site staff and learning about their day-to-day experiences.

AS: I thoroughly enjoyed greeting residents and visitors, as this enables you to build a rapport and deliver a personal approach to customer service. It was also great to see that the team were all very engaged in their work.

GR: I really enjoyed logging parcels that were being stored by the Concierge for residents to collect.

Health and safety is a key priority for Rendall & Rittner. During your visit what was done to ensure the safety of those on site?

AS: The fire alarm system was being serviced to ensure its reliability should it ever be required, and the security team participated in proactive patrols.

GR: During my day I helped carry out a fire alarm test to check that all our systems were working effectively. All systems were operating well, which was documented.

Did your opinion of the Concierge team change as a result of your visit?

PD: I have always had a high regard for our onsite staff who often have a difficult role, and I was not disappointed by what I saw during this visit. The on-site team were professional and worked with integrity to deliver a quality service to residents. Trust and responsibility were clearly established amongst staff, and the team worked incredibly well together.

AS: I was already aware of the importance of applying our values in office-based roles, but this visit highlighted their significance for our on-site teams too. I was pleased that the staff I met strive for excellence in every task they undertake, delivering consistently excellent levels of customer service.

GR: I already knew what this role entails, but I wasn’t aware of just how much there is for the team to do. From patrols and audits of the entertainment rooms, to logging information, the team managed their variety of tasks well.

Posted: 30 May 2022

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