Celebrating International Women’s Day

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This year, the theme of International Women’s Day (8th March) is #BreakTheBias, with companies, individuals, and organisations around the world tackling stereotypes, breaking inequalities, and opposing discrimination.

Rendall & Rittner, is committed to creating a space where everyone can flourish in their chosen career regardless of their gender.  To find out more about how we #BreakTheBias we spoke to female employees about their inspiration, career progression and gender equality in the property management industry.

Who is your main inspiration?

Hannah Green, Property Team Leader: “Charlotte Campbell-Skelly [Area Director at Rendall & Rittner]. I have been privileged to work alongside some very strong female leaders, however, none as inspiring as Charlotte. Charlotte is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and extremely organised. Having now worked with Charlotte for over 6 years, I am starting to see some of her traits are wearing off on me and this is something I am proud of.”

Catherine Orezzi, HR Director: “I have worked with some amazing women during my career and I have some brilliant friends. I always try to take the best bits from those I interact with and learn from shared experiences. I think it's super important to be inspired by experiences as well as people. My main inspiration is a previous HR Director, who taught me to focus on what is important and not to sweat the small stuff! And my photography coach who encouraged me to keep trying different techniques to enhance my skills.”

What has your career progression been like at Rendall & Rittner?

Sarah Sandry, Health & Safety Compliance Manager: “I joined R&R almost 5 and a half years ago as a Senior Property Manager, after 18 months, I felt like my skills would be better placed elsewhere and that is when I joined the Health & Safety Team as an H&S Advisor. Since then, I have completed my NEBOSH general certificate and NEBOSH Fire course, auditor training and I am now part way through my Level 6 diploma in Applied Health and Safety. In June 2021 I was promoted to H&S Compliance Manager and now lead the general safety team.”

Charlotte Campbell-Skelly, Area Director: “I cannot believe I have worked here for nearly 12 years it has gone so fast in many ways. I have grown up at R&R, having joined as an assistant in 2010 after graduating with a property degree. I desperately wanted to become a Chartered Surveyor and work with developer clients on London's best residential projects, which I am! I didn't always think this would happen, but the company has grown faster than I imagined and there have been new opportunities for me pretty much every year.”

Claire Malkinson, Head of Bespoke New Business: “I took the decision when my children were young to put my career progression on hold, to allow time for family life and to try to put their needs first.  R&R allows me the flexibility to juggle family and work life, which is critical to me and will remain important during the next few years.”

Victoria Arnold, Head of HR and Training: “I joined R&R 2.5 years ago at a point where they wanted to take the training and development of their staff to another level.  We've built on the already strong foundations of supporting professional accreditations and set up an internal training academy, delivering a host of blended learning opportunities so staff can pick what's right for them.  I love that every day is different and the emphasis placed on staff wellbeing - an area we're really going to expand on next.”

What would you say is your greatest skill?

Amaly Hind, Façade Coordinator: “I think I'm resilient. I've been working in this industry for a long time and managing people's homes is a serious thing, and often emotive for the customers we deal with. Recently this has been compounded by the ongoing national facade crisis which has left many leaseholders worried about the safety of their apartments.  Being mindful of this and persevering with the Building Safety Fund, with the Homes England/GLA case officers, contractors and with the clients has made me a better coordinator and advocate for my leaseholders.”

Josie Ofori, HR Manager – Employee Relations: “I like to help and resolve people issues and interact and guide managers to enable the best and consistent approach.  It’s all about the communication I believe.”

Julie-Ann Palmer, Property Team Manager: “The management of a team is one of my greatest skills. I love being the go-to person for my team, to be able to offer advice, provide training, support and provide a helping hand.”

For further information about Rendall & Rittner, visit www.rendallandrittner.co.uk

Posted: 07 March 2022

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