Global Recycling Day 2022

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Global Recycling Day is marked annually on the 18th March, with the aim of promoting recycling as essential for a sustainable future. By encouraging people to see the things they no longer want as future resources, rather than waste, we will all recycle more and think more environmentally.

As recycling starts at home, it is important that at Rendall & Rittner we work to make it as easy as possible for our residents to recycle more. In addition to regular collections of recyclable waste, we work with our partners Delphis Eco and LaundryRepublic to improve the sustainability of our developments. To celebrate Global Recycling Day, we thought that this was a great opportunity to highlight how each of these partnerships are helping us reduce our environmental impact.


We are thrilled to work with LaundryRepublic across a number of our developments to offer our residents convenient access to sustainable dry-cleaning services. Whilst dry cleaning and laundry are traditionally not very sustainable industries, using harmful chemicals, miles of plastic wrap and huge amounts of energy, LaundryRepublic operates much more sustainably! 

By using ozone laundry technology, LaundryRepublic reduces its carbon footprint by washing at ambient temperature, while eco-friendly solvents like Sensene and WetCare replace common dry-cleaning chemicals. As well as using 100% recyclable plastic wrap, by reusing hangers they keep an estimated 150 to 200kg of steel out of landfill every month!

We also work with LaundryRepublic to promote their Scope charity donations, by encouraging our residents to donate any clothes they no longer want.  The value of LaundryRepublic’s donations are now around £5,000 to £6,000 per month, with the significant majority sent in from Rendall and Rittner developments. 

Ian Walker, Director at LaundryRepublic, comments: “Several years ago, we saw R&R disrupting the managing agent sector by innovating with resident amenities, focusing on sustainability, and simply being really professional. It was impressive.  All three areas were a great match for us, and we're grateful that R&R felt the same way. We are the preferred dry-cleaning provider for their London portfolio, which includes some of London's most iconic developments, and we work hard to ensure residents are happy and we minimise the workload of site team members. Our feedback scores remain very high and we look forward to working with Rendall and Rittner for a long time to come.”

Delphis Eco

We are delighted to be partnered with Delphis Eco, suppliers of eco-friendly cleaning products. With sustainability at the centre of every decision the company makes from suppliers and resources to packaging and delivery, Delphis Eco is very proud of its eco accreditations including B Corp, 2 Royal Warrants, 100% Made in Britain and the EU Ecolabel.  

At Rendall and Rittner, we use Delphis Eco’s eco-friendly products to clean many of our developments without the need for harsh chemicals that damage the environment. Our partnership also allows us to secure exceptional discounts for our residents. To celebrate Global Recycling Day, Delphis Eco have kindly offered our residents an exclusive 20% off code for any one-time purchase. Find out more about this offer on our Residents Club website.

Jodi Scott, Communications and Partnerships Manager at Delphis Eco, said: “Having customers and partners who are like-minded when it comes to sustainability is key to Delphis Eco. We have partnered with Rendall and Rittner for many years. Being able to provide our sustainable and eco-friendly products to help R&R keep their communities and staff safe is of the utmost importance to us.”

Posted: 18 March 2022

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