Karen Ann Gray goes back to the floor at the unique Hythe Marina

Hythe Karen Ann Gray

Earlier this summer I went ‘back to the floor’ at our Hythe Marina development in Southampton to spend the day with our on-site teams.

The development is an interesting one as it comprises both wet and dry areas and has stunning views out on to the marina. The site is always busy with a steady stream of people coming and going at regular intervals.

After a busy weekend one of the main roles that I took part in was cleaning up the site which had seen many visitors over the weekend. The development is mixed tenure and also has general public access so attracts a high number of people, particularly through the summer period.

I was really impressed by how much pride the team took in their work, they coordinate jobs and ensure that everything is attended to in a timely manner. The estate manager is extremely diligent in working with the marina manager in ensuring that the entire development conforms to all matters of health & safety, which is particularly important being on the water’s edge. There are daily patrols and any items raised are immediately dealt with which shows that everyone is really engaged and providing great attention to detail.

One idea that I have since come up with that I think could improve our service here is the releasing of a quarterly newsletter showing before and after pictures of work that’s taken place. The improvements and upgrades that have been carried out around the development are of a really high standard and I think that we could be showcasing this a bit more.

The feedback that I have received since my visit has been very encouraging and the staff apparently enjoyed me being on site and would welcome a visit anytime which is great, I really enjoyed the day and I would love to return in the future!

Posted: 17 February 2022 by Karen Ann Gray

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