Martin Hellenas: My back to the floor day at West India Quay in London

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I recently went back to the floor at West India Quay in London to experience a day in the life of a member of one of our Concierge teams.

This was not my first time working on a Concierge desk so I was relatively familiar with the role, but this was my first time since the pandemic and it was interesting to see what has changed. The processes of parcel and key handling, and for signing contractors in and out are very similar, but the timings that residents visit the desk has been altered. According to Bob, the Concierge I worked alongside, the daily rhythm of morning and afternoon rushes have changed as more people are now working from home, and therefore can come to the desk at a large range of times throughout the day.

Although I found the Concierge desk to be fairly quiet on the day I visited, I did get a chance to assist with logging in some parcels. This was useful as it gave me some first-hand experience of how our parcel log system works and is experienced by the team. I was also able to use the door entry system on the computer to let contractors into the building, which demonstrated how our concierge teams are able to complete their work more efficiently using technology.

Bob was well-liked by the residents. I saw him assist a family with a baby buggy get through the door and into the lift and when speaking to the family, it was clear that they were fond of him. Another resident that had been away from West India Quay told Bob how much they had missed him while they were away, again highlighting the incredible rapport that he has built with residents. It was immediately evident to me that he clearly enjoys his role and takes great pride in delivering the highest level of customer service possible.

I would like to thank Bob for making me feel so welcome at West India Quay and for all the hard work he does on a daily basis.

Posted: 22 March 2022 by Martin Hellenas

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