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At Rendall & Rittner, we understand that our people are crucial to everything we do. For recent university leavers, our two-year Graduate Property Manager programme offers the opportunity to learn about the industry from sector leaders and combines on-the-job learning with an in-depth training programme leading to IRPM qualification. Following the scheme, there is the potential to secure a Property Manager role at Rendall & Rittner and 2020 graduate, Charlie McLean, has recently been promoted to this position.

We spoke to some of our 2022 graduate intake to see how they have found their first few months with us. Having started in September, Madihah Amiji, Ebony Wynter and Max Thomas tell us about their experiences so far:

Why did you apply for the Rendall & Rittner Graduate scheme?

MA: Coming out of university, I wasn’t sure what career route I wanted to go down, but I knew I definitely wanted a job where I can pick up transferable skills. Having been in property management for just 2 months now, I can confidently say that I have learnt much more than I thought I would. No day is the same and there’s plenty of scope for development and growth.

MT: I’d always been keen to work in property management. A lot of graduate schemes offer a variety of things for you to try out, but I wanted to focus on property management, which is why the Rendall & Rittner graduate scheme really stuck out to me. I knew about Rendall & Rittner before I applied and was aware that they had an impressive portfolio of properties. I wanted to be mentored by the right people and have the opportunity to get the best experience.

What did you study at university? How is your degree helping you in your role?

EW: I studied Psychology. In my role, I have to interact with a lot of different people, and I think my degree helps me to find the best approach for communicating with different types of people e.g. freeholders and residents.

MA: I studied Business Management & Law at university. This role is really helping me pick up some key management skills and is allowing me to put parts of my degree into practice. The law side also helps as there are legal elements of the job that we need to look at, like leases and contracts.

What is your favourite part of being a Property Manager?

EW: Learning new things is probably my favourite part. I like the fact that alongside the job, you also get to benefit from the apprenticeship training side of things and that you are working towards getting your IRPM qualification. It is also a very varied role and I’m enjoying just getting to take in everything that is happening.

MT: I would say there are two things. One is getting to go to fantastic sites and the other aspect is the teaching I receive. They always seem to know what to teach and when, and the care and support I receive from the team is second to none.

What sort of training is involved with the graduate scheme? What have you learnt so far in your role?

MA: So far, I’ve learnt a lot about the four buildings I’m currently assisting in managing. I have also learnt how to talk to contractors, board members and I have learnt a lot about how to communicate with customers. I have had a lot of training from different departments within the company, which involves an introduction to each department, what they can do to help us, and how we should consider these aspects when working to address issues.

MT: I have learnt a lot about the day-to-day management process and about meeting client standards. As part of the scheme, I am currently training for my IRPM qualification and the training for that really helps with understanding the job role. I am also hoping to eventually complete my APC qualification with Rendall & Rittner.

What does a typical week look like for you?

MA: My week starts off with a team meeting, where we all give updates on current actions, as well as new tasks for the week ahead. I usually go through my emails each morning and make a list of my outstanding tasks from the day before, so I know what to prioritise. However, each day is different and may involve liaising with contractors, talking to leaseholders, ensuring daily maintenance standards are met, creating work orders for issues in the communal areas, etc.

EW: During the week I will check that any issues at my developments have been properly raised so that they can be addressed. I also have regular meetings with my team. On a Wednesday afternoon, I have time to spend on my apprenticeship work in the form of weekly online training with a tutor. Each week we cover a different topic, for example we recently discussed organisational policies. Throughout the session, there is plenty of group discussion and we are then sent a booklet to work through before the next session.

Would you recommend the graduate scheme to someone looking to get into a career in property management?

EW: Yes - it is much more than just the job because of all the training and learning opportunities which shows that Rendall & Rittner is really invested in its graduates. The role is also really varied, and I am surrounded by a wonderfully supportive team.

MT: Absolutely! I am working with lots of very encouraging and admirable people. The company culture at Rendall & Rittner is also really impressive. I am looking forward to the learning and progression opportunities. Seeing the standard set by those managing me is aspirational and I am looking forward to seeing where my career will go.

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