Vanessa Brandham goes back to the floor at Fulham Reach

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I visited our Fulham Reach development and spent the day working as a member of the concierge team.

I was lucky enough to have two members of our concierge team, Daniel and Karim, on hand to answer all my questions and teach me about their work. The pair worked incredibly well together and often demonstrated the ability to support each other when completing tasks. It was also clear that their manager, Angus, led by example, and was very good at working with both residents and contractors on site.

Before visiting the development, I was completely unaware of how often parcels arrived throughout the day and one of my tasks was to help logging and issuing out the parcels that came in. We have recently upgraded our IT system and the staff reported that the new system was working well. I really enjoyed this role, as I felt that I was really helping residents.

I was also able to engage some of the residents in a quick conversation when they would arrive at the concierge desk to collect their parcels. You could tell that they were pleased to see the concierge and have a chat with them, which made for a welcoming atmosphere.  Many told me that they thought the Back to the Floor initiative was a great idea, which was lovely to hear. I also have to say that one of my highlights from the day was listening to one of our younger residents excitedly telling us all about his amazing trip to Centre Parcs!

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with the enthusiasm and engagement from the concierge team at Fulham Reach, and the rapport that they have built with the community there.

Posted: 08 February 2022

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