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News that a property management firm with a portfolio of approximately 160 buildings in and around Bournemouth has stopped trading has caused concern not only for residents of the affected properties, but also for the wider industry. In the past, such occurrences have resulted in calls for tighter regulations for managing agents, with groups established specifically to pursue stricter rules that will ensure proper standards are met.

However, at times like this, it is worth remembering that overall standards in the property management industry remain high. For every occasional story of wrongdoing, there are far more tales of first-class service, especially from agents who choose to be regulated and who protect their customer’s funds.

We have been a trusted partner-of-choice for more than 30 years and are proud to be regulated by RICS and highly accredited by ARMA, the British Safety Council and Investors in People. As a member of RICS’s Client Money Protection Scheme, we can guarantee that our residents’ funds are professionally managed and fully protected. All of this highlights our commitment to developing sustainable relationships, based on service and transparency.

Whilst there is a common misconception that smaller managing agents can offer a more bespoke and tailored service, bigger truly is better when it comes to delivering great customer service, especially due to ever-increasing demands from legislative changes. As a larger property management company, we possess the resources, safeguards and experience to deliver exceptional service, whilst also offering a local presence and the ability to tailor our service offering to our customers’ needs.

The advantages of scale become evident when residents experience consistent service excellence, the full protection they need and the benefits of bulk purchasing power for cost-effective solutions to, for example, energy procurement. Thanks to our larger footprint, we are implementing industry best practices, investing in advanced technologies, and offering comprehensive support systems particularly around the significant implications of the Building Safety Act that continues to evolve allowing us to quickly adapt on behalf of our customers.

Lee Johnson, Divisional Director at Rendall & Rittner comments:

“For those living in the affected properties, Rendall & Rittner’s scale enables us to be part of the solution to residents. Indeed, recognising the hardships of residents at the affected properties, we are funding an interest-free cash advance to maintain essential services. With a growing portfolio of properties already established in the South West and an office in Poole, we would like to invite residents to contact us to discuss the specifics of their situation and to see how they could benefit from a national managing agent with the expertise of locally based property managers.”

With a growing portfolio of properties already established in the South West and a network of offices including our Poole office, we pride ourselves on our ability to blend a national presence with the expertise of locally based property managers and independent contractors who really know the area.

We recently received feedback from a Director of the resident management company at West Cliff Mansions in Bournemouth, on their experiences of working with us: “Rendall & Rittner's professionalism and ease of service are excellent. They have consistently demonstrated their commitment to providing high levels of support and assistance to residents like ourselves. Their proactive approach in keeping residents informed and engaged demonstrates their dedication to fostering a strong sense of community.

By promptly addressing concerns and promptly resolving issues, they have contributed to creating a safe and comfortable living environment for all. 

Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to residents' feedback highlights their commitment to providing an excellent service. Their openness to suggestions is greatly appreciated.”

As these words underscore, good property management can make a positive impact on the lives of residents, making them feel secure and at ease within their homes. While isolated incidents can shake our confidence, exemplary property management companies like Rendall & Rittner continue to uphold the highest standards and provide residents with the peace of mind they deserve.

As we look to the future, it is clear that property managers like Rendall & Rittner that can demonstrate the resources, safeguards, accreditations and standards of service that come from being part of a national property management company, combined with the power of local expertise and knowledge, will be the ones to drive progress, and enhance the living experience for residents in Bournemouth and beyond.

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