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Through sector-leading bulk procurement initiatives, we take great pride in being able to deliver sustainable and cost-effective utility solutions for our customers and clients. In order to further enhance the service that we offer, we have recently appointed Mike Poshteh as our new Utilities Team Manager and are delighted to welcome him to the team.

With almost 10 years of experience, Mike brings a variety of specialist subject knowledge to the role. Mike has previously worked as an Operations Manager at Alfa Energy Ltd (an Edison Energy Company) where he serviced managing agents in the Residential, Mixed Use and Commercial Sectors, gaining a clear understanding of the specific needs of the industry. In this role, Mike performed a range of services including ESG Advisory, Tendering, Commercial Arrangements and Siteworks. With a keen understanding of sustainable practices, Mike also became a trusted advisor on complex issues such as new solar panel systems and electric vehicle points.

At Rendall & Rittner, Mike will be responsible for ensuring the effective management of utilities across the Rendall & Rittner portfolio. In this role, Mike will be involved in procurement, billing, and commissions. Working closely with his colleagues in our in-house utilities management team, Mike will combine his strong understanding of the market with regular analysis to ensure a comprehensive knowledge of changing market conditions and the impact that this will have for our clients and customers.

Speaking about his appointment, Mike commented: “In my previous role, I have worked with several managing agents, advising on various aspects of utilities and have developed a clear understanding of the key considerations in place for these companies. In my new role at Rendall & Rittner, I am keen to use that knowledge to help secure the best deals for the developments we manage. It is clear that Rendall & Rittner is proactive about creating sustainable communities, and I am looking forward to further enhancing the ESG strategy.”

Jason Wakefield, Head of Procurement at Rendall & Rittner said: “We are thrilled to have Mike join the Rendall and Rittner utilities management team. The energy crisis has been highly challenging for the Property Management sector, and Mike’s experience in utilities and sustainability will help us to continue to deliver creative sustainable solutions for our clients and customers.”

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