Jonathan Astle goes back to the floor at Snow Hill Wharf

Jonathan Astle Blog

by Jonathan Astle, Divisional Director


I recently spent the day working as a member of the Day Concierge team at Snow Hill Wharf in Birmingham. As the Divisional Director for Rendall & Rittner covering our Midlands region, this was a brilliant opportunity to see how our outstanding customer service levels have enabled us to become one of the leading property management companies in Birmingham.

The day was equally rewarding and challenging. I was amazed at how much the Concierge team has to do during each shift. The role is incredibly varied with a broad range of tasks, which keeps it engaging. My favourite tasks were those that allowed me to experience the parcel and key handling systems. I was able to test first-hand our industry-leading technology for ensuring these run smoothly. I found that the technology is a brilliant solution to a common issue in our industry and was valued by staff, customers and suppliers.

It was also brilliant to see the strong relationship that has developed between the Concierge and the residents at the development. I was thrilled to see customers asking for specific team members by name, showing the exceptional customer experience and rapport that has been developed here. Residents also come to the Concierge desk to chat about the events that regularly take place at Snow Hill Wharf, which shows how successful these are in helping to develop a community here.

During my visit to Birmingham, it was also great to speak face-to-face with our on-site team to find out more about their experiences. The staff morale was very high at Snow Hill Wharf, with the team noting high levels of engagement from all R&R team members and the benefits of R&R’s ‘Lifeworks’ platform. On the day of my visit, there was also staff training taking place, which further helped to improve staff sentiment.

My perception of the roles undertaken by our on-site staff has really changed since my visit. I now have more appreciation for the number of jobs that they perform during each shift and can see the substantial value that this adds to our customer service offering.

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