Inspiring Inclusion this International Women’s Day

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To mark International Women’s Day 2024 we spoke to Melanie Miotti (General Manager), Sabrina Isles (Deputy General Manager) and Chantal Bruce-McPherson (Building Surveyor at our sister company Cardoe Martin), to discover more about their experiences in the property industry and what can be done to inspire greater inclusivity within the sector.



Chantal Bruce-McPherson, Building Surveyor at Cardoe Martin (Left)

Sabrina Isle, Deputy General Manager (Right)


What is your role?

Chantal: I’m a Building Surveyor for Cardoe Martin. My role is really varied and no two days are ever the same, but overall it is a technical position that looks to assess the quality and integrity of building structure.   

Melanie: As General Manager for two prime residential sites in Hampstead and Westminster, I am responsible for managing the overall operations in terms of M&E, recruitment, training, health & safety and compliance. My role is also customer-facing and I work directly with residents at these developments.

Sabrina: I am the Deputy General Manager at White City Living in W12. My role consists of managing the front-of-house team which includes the concierge, security, post room operatives and duty managers. I am on hand to assist with resident queries, ensuring that the development meets the best possible standards for residents and owners.


Can you tell me a bit about your career progression?

Chantal: I’m a career changer! I previously worked as an Intensive Care nurse, but following the pandemic decided to see what the construction world had to offer. I will finish my RICS surveying qualification in 6 months’ time.

Sabrina: My career began in the leisure industry within the health and safety and maintenance field. I started as a Club Support Manager before becoming an Operations Manager. Staying within the leisure industry, I was given the opportunity to expand my skills and become the Food and Beverage manager, which soon made me realise that I had a passion for the operational field. I entered the Property Management sector in 2019 where I have since had roles as Estate/Development Managers.


Why did you decide this was the career for you?

Melanie: My career in hospitality was determined at a very young age. I loved the dynamics of working in hotels and private members' clubs and these offered opportunities to develop my skills and diversify into other areas of service, including residential.

Chantal: Having a vocational career was very important to me and I have always been interested in buildings. The variety of potential specialisms and roles post qualification is what made me decide that becoming a surveyor was the route for me.


The property industry is traditionally quite male-dominated – has this been your experience?

Melanie: I see many strong, determined women making a mark in the property industry and being recognised for it, which is brilliant.

Sabrina: I think over the years, there has been a growing change where more women are being identified for their skills and expertise in this field. However, if you go to conferences and meetings, for example, you can see that the industry is still male-dominant.


How can we better promote careers in property to the younger generation of women?

Chantal: Visiting schools, sixth forms, and colleges for career days, as well as having a greater social media presence, can really help to raise awareness of the roles available across the sector. I think there are a lot of misconceptions, with people viewing property and surveying as dull careers, so it is crucial to promote the fun and flexible sides too.

Sabrina: It’s definitely an education piece, but also about what is being advertised to them and not just having pictures of males on adverts and fliers. Having female perspectives and testimonials, as well as men’s, so that everyone can see that there are areas to grow and progress within the industry.


What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Melanie: It serves as a constant reminder of women’s contributions in society and celebrating the ongoing achievements of women all over the world.

Sabrina: It’s a great opportunity for awareness, but also reminds women that we have plenty of opportunities around us and that we have no limitations, despite what they may think! This awareness should be done every day, but being able to be recognised for how important we are as women, is great!

Chantal: International Women’s Day is a celebration of how far all women have come in respect to integration into the workforce. We can see the large advancements that have been made as a result of policy changes over the last six decades, whilst also proactively shining a spotlight on the next steps required to gain real equity in all life standings.

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