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For the latest instalment in our 60-second blog series, we sat down with our Head of Bespoke New Business, Claire Malkinson.

What is your role at Rendall & Rittner?

My job title is Head of Bespoke New Business, responsible for leading on bespoke new business tenders and I also manage our Build to Rent portfolio.

What does a typical week look like for you?

Throughout the week, I spend most of my time interacting with colleagues and clients on Teams. These meetings can cover anything, from discussing budgets or fire door remedials to dealing with heat metering and billing or health and safety on site.  I also spend time working on new development tenders, usually for the more bespoke high-end schemes.  These schemes are always exciting to work on as innovative schemes require innovative thinking as to how we can best serve them.  The variety in this job definitely keeps it interesting and there is never a dull day.

Do you spend any time on-site?

Although I typically work from home, I usually visit at least one development a month. As these are located across England and Scotland, I can be in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Yorkshire, Devon, Central London or the Home Counties.

What changes have you noticed in the property sector?

I’ve been working in property now for nearly 25 years, initially for developers in their mobilisation and management teams, and, since 2010 in property management, but there is still always something new to learn. Property Management has changed enormously in that time. In recent years, for example, the introduction of the Building Safety Act has made the property landscape more complex and generally, as sites and the amenities and technology that they feature becomes more complicated, the role of the property manager has had to evolve to continue to offer the level of service expected by clients and residents alike. Build to Rent is a relatively new addition to the industry, but its rapid growth is certainly creating opportunities for the property management sector.

How is Build to Rent different to other types of property?

Build to Rent offers something different to the traditional rental sector. Buildings tend to be purpose built with amenities specifically targeted at tenants, including gyms, large social spaces, working from home and meeting spaces, sophisticated parcel delivery systems and concierge facilities.  These schemes aim to create communities for their residents, often putting on regular events ranging from yoga and pilates to film nights and karoke.  Rents usually include broadband, and utilities are often sub-metered off the main Landlord supply, making moving into a BTR building much easier than usual, with a straightforward and stable rental offering.

How is Rendall & Rittner supporting the Build to Rent sector?

At Rendall & Rittner, we offer BTR clients an end-to-end management service that covers the full development lifecycle and is delivered by an experienced and passionate team. We work with our clients to design and deliver a tailored approach that reflects the needs of developers, operators, investors and residents recognising that the long-term performance is critical.

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