Recognising and celebrating success with 31 new promotions!

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At Rendall & Rittner, we know that our people are the key to our ongoing success. In order to recruit, retain and develop the best, we understand the importance of recognising and celebrating success. We have therefore recently announced 31 well-deserved promotions across our business, including the promotions of Charlie Crawley (from Senior Key Client Manager to Head of Freehold Key Clients) and Amy Brown (from Property Team Manager to Area Director).

We spoke to Charlie and Amy about their time so far at Rendall & Rittner and what they are most looking forward to about their new roles.

When did you join Rendall & Rittner and what was your role? Have you had any other roles since joining R&R?

Charlie: I joined Rendall & Rittner in lockdown in 2020! My first role nearly 4 years ago was as Key Client Manager, progressing to Senior Key Client Manager and now Head of Freehold Key Clients.

Amy: I joined in Rendall & Rittner in April 2018 as a Property Manager, I have since been promoted three times; to Senior Property Manager, Property Team Manager, and now Area Director for one of our London divisions!

What learning and development opportunities have been available to you to help you progress in your career?

Charlie: We have a great training platform available to all head office colleagues and on-site staff. For me, the leadership, support, and knowledge across the business are invaluable and have really helped my own progression.

Amy: There is a variety of training available at Rendall & Rittner including IOSH, IRPM support, water hygiene management, accounting, and in recent years health and safety (including the new BSA legislation) which has been crucial in navigating through the significant changes to the property management industry. There are also leadership training programmes, which have helped to nurture my people management skills.

What is the best thing about working at Rendall & Rittner?

Charlie: The people! The wealth of knowledge across the business is incredible.

Amy: The people – I work with some of the most knowledgeable and supportive people!

What appealed to you about a career in property?

Charlie: It’s quite a cliché but initially I sort of fell into it. My career started in property by doing an apprenticeship when I was 16 and knew nothing about the sector. After that, I was promoted to Property Manager which is when my ‘job’ really turned into my career. I then moved client-side and had a great opportunity and mentorship to develop my knowledge within the industry. This was also when I sat my MIRPM exam in 2017, becoming the youngest MIRPM-qualified person in the UK at that time, which was a massive milestone in my career. Working client-side led me to grow a stronger interest in how managing agents could deliver a better service to their landlord investor clients, having seen it from the other side and identifying the gaps within the industry. I am now extremely grateful to work for Rendall & Rittner and lead relationships with the largest freehold clients in the UK.

Amy: I like organisation and resolving problems which are both key for property management.

What has been your proudest achievement since joining Rendall & Rittner?

Charlie: Definitely my recent promotion and having the opportunity to grow my team, but also the development of my industry knowledge over the past 4 years.

Amy: Setting up a new property team and developing the individuals over three years into a very successful team!

Tell me a bit about your new role.

Charlie: As part of my new role, I will be responsible for the oversight of the Key Client Managers within the team. As part of our team growth, we are committed to enhancing the service provided to our key clients more than ever before, particularly with new legislative changes within the industry.

Amy: I am now an Area Director overseeing three property teams, working closely with the team managers to provide support and guidance on high-level matters. I work closely with senior management too, so I am the conduit between them and the property management teams.

What are you most looking forward to about your new role?

Charlie: Being able to enhance the service delivery to our clients even more so than before and building a strong team focusing on retention and growth of the key client portfolios.

Amy: The opportunity to broaden my knowledge and experience whilst organising and resolving problems for a wider portfolio across various teams.

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